Board of Directors

About the Board

The Board is composed of the six President & CEO’s of the six member hospitals where the affiliate laboratories are located.

The current Chairman is Mark Balcaen, President & CEO , Lake of the Woods District Hospital.

The Board of Directors meet approximately four (4) times each year. Board meetings include the active personnel of the KRRRLP.

Board Members

Balcaen, Mark

President & CEO

Lake of the Woods District Hospital

21 Sylvan Street West,
Kenora, ON P9N 3W7
Phone: 807-468-9861 Ext:241
Fax: 807-468-3939

Bishop, Angela

President & CEO

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital

PO Box 5005, Hwy. 105
Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0
Phone: 807-727-2231
Fax: 807-727-2923

Petranik, Wade

President & CEO

Dryden Regional Health Centre

PO Box 3003, 58 Goodall St.
Dryden, ON P8N 2Z6
Phone: 807-223-8249
Fax: 807-223-2370

Lee, Heather (acting)

President & CEO

Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre

PO Box 909, 1 Meno Ya Win Way
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B4
Phone: 807-737-6535
Fax: 807-737-6245

Moynihan, Doug

President & CEO

Atikokan General Hospital

120 Dorothy St.
Atikokan, ON P0T 1C0
Phone: 807-597-4215
Fax: 807-597-4305

Scholten, Ted

President & CEO

Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.

110 Victoria Ave.
Fort Frances, ON P9A 2B7
Phone: 807-274-3261
Fax: 807-274-2898